Malarstwo na drewnie :: Renata Kukla i Ryszard Nawojczyk :: ikony, anioły, święci, portrety, kwiaty, pejzaże :: Chełm, Lublin, Warszawa, Kraków, Bochnia


About us

We would like to welcome everyone on our website

We create our painting on a board from a hardwood such as oak, cedar, birch, walnut or alder. We do use oil colour and acrylic colour.

Here are some of our paintings:

  • Icons – they are inspired by famous painting
  • Angels (all kinds for example Guardian Angel)
  • Saints
  • Portraits
  • Flowers
  • Landscapes
  • Others

Our paintings can be perfect and unique gift for any occasions as baptism, birthday, wedding, mother’s day etc.

They look good in any modern or vintage house or apartment. They fit beautiful to big living rooms as well as kid’s room. Many of our customers find stylish to put our painting on fireplace wall.

As we always try to meet specific requirements of our customer, so we do our paintings on different shapes of wood boards. Our icons come in many sizes, as it is up to the customer’s order.

All our pictures we can paint on regular canvas as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to place an order please go to Contact us.


Our latest paintings